3 Reasons To Attend “Unspoken” on 4/26

Real Life Athena: A Women’s Collective will be hosting our first ever live event on 4/26 from 2-10pm. It will be a day filled with workshops, performances, art, good people and great music.

RSVP right now!

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Here are three reasons you need to be there:

1. Our workshops. Join us beginning at 2:00pm on April 26 for workshops that align and advance our mission. Workshop topics include creative expression of identity, a conversation for male-identified individuals on healthy masculinity, a workshop led by Adam Harris from Penumbra Theater on using art for social change and an important conversation on sex positivity.

2. Performances. Here are videos of a few artists who will be performing on April 26 in the evening aspect of our event.

B Dot Croc 

Nik Martell

Lyriq Lashay

3. Art on Display

We will have art on display all day, some artists will have pieces for sale as well.

Check out one of our incredible artists. (We’ll continue to feature artists, musicians, etc… as the event approaches!)



What’s in a Hero? Wendy. Davis.

Wendy Hero ReThink History: Hero Project

If you don’t know Wendy Davis, here’s the scoop. In my opinion she’s about as BA as it gets. She’s a democratic politician running for governor in the most notoriously red state in the country – Texas. Not to mention, she’s a woman. That alone takes an enormous amount of moxie (new fav word) and determination, and still it doesn’t even scratch the surface.

To her supporters and fans she may be a lot of things: a rags to riches success story, a ray of hope for Texas democrats, an abortion clinic guardian, a Harvard alumni lawyer and, of course, mom. The list could go on, however, what tends to be missing is the title Hero. So, what’s in a Hero?

☑ People who become heroes tend to be concerned with the well-being of others.

☑ Heroes are good at seeing things from the perspective of others.

☑ Heroes are competent and confident.

☑ Heroes have a strong moral compass.

☑ Having the right skills and training can make a difference.

☑ Heroes persist, even in the face of fear.


She more than fulfills every requirement on typical qualities of a hero (spare you the details) except for the tacit and most basic of them all. Everyone knows a hero is a man. And not just any man, a strong, self-sacrificing man with a furrowed brow and a disciplined mind, ready to rescue the helpless, the unfortunate and the women.

Our image of who should be powerful and heroic extends beyond conceptual ideas and has very real consequences for Wendy and her campaign. For example, the majority of the oppositions attacks are not on her political stance, but her personal life and backstory. She’s not traditional enough, she didn’t even struggle that much, she abandoned her family, she didn’t dedicate every waking moment to her children while she was at Harvard law school… and so on.

A man going pursuing a degree in another state while the wife stays back with the kids is seen as a necessary sacrifice. A woman doing the same is seen as a unjustifiable atrocity. A male politician’s home life is barely acknowledged in most cases, while a female politician must be prepared to reveal and defend even the most irrelevant, personal details of her life.

Anyway, the election will be this November and I have no idea what to expect. I do know that the republican candidate Greg Abbott is outrageous and of course wants to cut pre-K education for only minorities, plans to vote against the equal pay act, continue the abortion clinic destruction and the usual. I 100% support Wendy in doing just the opposite.

#TeamWendy 4life

Check out the website: http://www.wendydavistexas.com/


and tell your friends!

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Rewriting our Story: Equal Pay

RSVP for Panel Discussion Attendance

Tuesday, April 8 is National Equal Pay Day.  A day dedicated to advocating, highlighting and eliminating the wage gap between men and women. Even after the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, women in 2014 are paid $0.77 to the dollar earned by a man. On the other hand, women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) make 33 percent more on average. With the demand for STEM jobs and equal pay, join the conversation on #EqualPay and #STEM.

The YWCA’s across the US and the Department of Energy are teaming up to host a live panel and Tweet Up on “The STEM Promise: Opportunities for Economic Empowerment.” The conversation will focus on #EqualPay #STEMjobs and how the wage gap can be impacted.

TWEET with US! Raise awareness and join the conversation on April 8, 2014, from 3-4pm EST

• Watch #STEMEqualPay on Tuesday – @YWCA_NCA, @ENERGY, @YWCAUSA, @wusa9 talking #womeninSTEM go.usa.gov/KhMY

• #womeninSTEM have smaller wage gap. Join @ENERGY and @YWCAUSA on Tues to hear why. go.usa.gov/KhMY (#STEMEqualPay)

• join @ENERGY @YWCA_NCA #STEMEqualPay Tweet Up Tuesday & share entry-level #STEM job advice to advance pay equality go.usa.gov/KhMY



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Friday Funday Links

Whether porn hurts children or not, researchers agree conversations around porn and sexuality are important for teenagers.

More cities should fight the harassment of women on public transportation.

Gender and comedy: “an easy way to overcome sexism is to judge the art not the artist.”

The U.S Army is trying to white-wash women of color by regulating their hairstyles.

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ReThink Reflection

Perhaps it was the fruit-roll-up awaiting me in my lunchbox, or perhaps it was the unseasoned and flavorless regurgitation of the accomplishments of our past presidents, but of the two, my middle school mind found the fruit-roll-up more tantalizing.

The lunch bell tolls.

“Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the exam!”

The next day arrives and it is time for sharpened No.2’s and manila folder walls. Jackson, Johnson, Jefferson.

Fill in the blank.

“They all did something…powerful, white, and male.” That’ll do, right?

In my experience in the public school system, there has been little that deviated from that answer. To me, it made digressions from this mold stand out. In an art class, we learned about Frida Kahlo. I wondered, “how could she, too, be a person of impact within our world’s history?” As I reflect on my early educational experience, I remember I often had hidden skepticisms around narratives that were not of the usual breed. It seemed as though women in particular were up against too many obstacles to become influential and defy social norms.

For this reason, the ReThink project is very important to me. I believe our curriculums should evolve to invoke inclusive histories, not to invoke skepticism when the person or people at hand do not fit the bind of being a white male.

In the education system today, there are many opportunities for positive change. With the infusion of multiple perspectives into the history and social studies curriculums, there could be not only a broader understanding of the world, but a broader understanding and acceptance of self.

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Friday Funday Links

When women like Beyoncé or Sasha Grey use self-objectification as part of their public brand, does it subvert male power, or is it still exploitative?

Within that context, watch Jennifer Lopez’s new video, which raises many of the same questions.

The Rape Abuse & Incest National Network recently denounced the phrase “rape culture”. Read about why they did it and why they are wrong.

We need doctors that can provide important information regarding sexual health to all patients, not only heterosexual ones.

The cases next week being heard in the Supreme Court may affect whether employer-provider health insurance will cover contraception and whether a woman can even discuss contraception with their doctors.

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Baby’s First Zine


Hi Real Life Athena readers!

My name is Rose, I’m currently a senior at Barnard College out in NYC, and I’m a new member of Real Life Athena! Today, I’m going to show you all the first (and so far, only) zine I have ever made.

Zines are awesome.  They’ve been around for as long as printing has been a thing and have been used historically by activists, feminists, anarchists, and all kinds of rad people to publish all kinds of rad ideas.  They’re all self-published and made without profit as the goal, and technically a zine shouldn’t have a circulation of more than a thousand copies.  Other than that, they’re all completely different! There are comic zines, political zines, fanzines, fiction zines… basically, anything you can think of, there’s a zine for. I’m currently using a zine as a source for a final paper for my class about anarchism and the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the New York City Feminist Zine Festival, which was a public event held at my school.  It was so amazing! I walked around the all the booths, talked with people selling their zines and went to a zine reading session where seven zinesters read aloud from their work.  Some of my favorites were Suzy X (who does The Best Song Ever comics for Rookie!), Annie Mok and Jenna Brager.

I left the festival armed with the zines I’d bought and feeling pretty inspired.  Then, I went on to spend the rest of the night making my own zine! I’m a huge comics nerd, so I took a comic-y route.  I also used the one-page set up (which you can see below) that I’ve used before for my own mini-comics.

tumblr_l8srhjyjkj1qz6f4bo1_500(Illustration by Beth Hetland)

This semester I’m doing a club-thing called CU FemSex, taken from the original Female Sexuality club at Berkeley.  Basically, it’s really awesome and I had to come to our meeting the next day with a Body Project, hence, my zine became my Body Project. I don’t usually go the personal route when I’m doing my artwork.  Usually, I’ll do little comic story lines or I’ll draw interesting looking people that I conjure up using my imagination, so doing a zine that was all reflections about my body was a little uncomfortable and scary.  Ultimately, though, it was pretty awesome and got me thinking it might be something I continue to do.  After all, I’ve been pretty inspired by a lot of comic artists that do personal narratives (Vanessa Davis, Lynda Barry and Alison Bechdel to name a few) and maybe it’s time that I try my hand at it.

Anyways, here’s my zine! Click on the images to see them bigger and go into the slideshow mode.

*Just a tiny note: when I say that I became body positive and also say that I didn’t shave my legs, I don’t mean it to seem like not shaving is the only way to be body positive.  I just personally don’t really like shaving and like my body hair. There’s no wrong way to be body positive!

**Barnard shout out: my school has an amazing zine library (and our own zine librarian!).  Our zine library collects zines by women (cis- and trans*) and with an emphasis on zines by women of color, about a myriad of feminist/activist/identity topics.  It’s pretty awesome.  Go here to learn more: http://zines.barnard.edu/blog.


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