No Longer Silent- citizens across India rise to the challenge of changing their culture which has been plagued by rape

WATCH: No Longer Silent– Al Jazeera’s The Stream talks about the current social protest in India

Popular slogans, such as, “Don’t Tell Me What To Wear, Tell Your Son’s Not To Rape” and “You Can Get Raped, But Not Protest Getting Raped. #WorldsLargestDemocracy”, have caught the world by storm as thousands have joined in social protest across India demanding changes. Was Damini, a name which references a 1993 Hindi film about a woman who is sexually assaulted, the linch pin to new social demands in India? A country which has long been plague by a rape culture, now turning to their government to not only promise but fight for a safer India for its mothers and daughters.

Written by Maxine Anwaar


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