Pants Never Required

Cover of Glamour, February Issue

Cover of Glamour, February Issue

Read: Zooey Deschanel Is a Feminist article

Reading this post, I was surprised by the fact that they were surprised to find out she is a feminist. Liking her or not, it still shows how some people expect feminism to be a women-in-pants kind of thing. Generalization never does any good.

I love dresses, I love hair and make-up, I love pretty things. It doesn’t mean that I can’t be a feminist or that I am obsessed with pleasing men. It just means that I am materialistic. Some people still need to stop associating being girly with being weak. I was a leader of several student groups, and I did it in skirts, heels, and mascara.

Embrace all the things: wearing pants, wearing dress, wearing whatever, or not wearing at all. Have no fear!

by Beau Sinchai


5 thoughts on “Pants Never Required

  1. sonyakuzy says:

    I love this “fucking feminist” you should also read Its interesting that we are only able to get “girly” yet dimensional characters when women write the script and produce the show. I love New Girl and hope that the success of the show gives FOX and other companies a hint that women producers and writers are needed and successful.


  2. I loooove Parks and Rec, so so funny and Amy Poehler’s character is my hero. This Zooey Deschanel article was really interesting too! Thanks for posting, there are many things that irritate me about Zooey, but it’s always great to have celebrities embracing feminism and New Girl is proving good so far!


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