Last week, I was walking past a Lululemon store and noticed a butt staring at me from the window. The window advertisement was color-blocked with the middle section being a spandex covered manikin butt. The ad said something to the extent of, “make your butt look great”. This is yet another example of fitness and/or clothing companies using the “sexy” parts of a woman’s body to turn a profit.

After doing some research I stumbled upon a fantastic beauty website. Beauty Redefined wrote a post on the new trend of “fitspiration”, and how it is harmful to women’s self-esteem. My favorite quote from the article is “You are capable of so much more than being looked at”. As you are browsing Pinterest or the mall, don’t forget to keep these three steps/ideas in mind to achieve your physical health goals:

  1. Stop and think about the advertising – Is the company telling you to commodify yourself by buying the latest fitness trend to become more appealing, or are they concerned with your health and well-being?
  2. How does it make you feel? – While looking at the advertisement are you feeling ashamed of your body or not good enough? Shame is not a healthy form of inspiration.
  3. “Any motivational statement that has to diss another type of body in order to make you feel good about your body? Not. Helping. Anyone.” Virginia Sole-Smith, who has also written on the topic, brings up one of the most important points – minimizing other women’s bodies does not help anyone get anywhere.Fitspo-Virginia-300x206

If you want some healthy inspiration head to the Beauty Redefined website and join the Body Hate Apocalypse.

Written by Sonya Kuznetsov

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