Are Mommy Blogs Bogging Us Down?


“Oh my god, you know Mommy Blogs, right?” I clearly remember a friend of mine asking me this question a few years back. I also remember the look on her face when I returned a puzzled and hesistant “ … No …” What I don’t remember having is a guttural instinct of how these Mommy Blogs would carry an impact on my life.

As someone who has often stalled pensive regarding the idea of motherhood, Mommy Blogs have catapulted and complicated my feelings on the matter. These blogs make it look so fun, so simple! But, as reality shows, motherhood is not as easy as painting pastel colors on Instagram and calling it good.

Many women know the pressure of the desire to be a “good” mother. This pressure has been capitalized by societal media for years – be it via movies, television, magazines, or any other media forms. The pressure is there, and it is real. Media has made motherhood seem idealistic, charmingly difficult, but always welcomed with or without reward. The case of motherhood in popular culture, is often not as it is depicted. It is messy, it is dirty, it is complicated. The pressure of being a good mother has hit a new climax with the vantage of “Mommy Blogs” and social media.

Upon researching a few Mommy Blogs, one will find that they have a common theme. That theme is: perfection. The mothers (at least the ones claiming popularity and a fortune in advertising sponsorships) are thin and beautiful, with perfect husbands and relationships, who reside with their delightful children in a beautiful home in a desirable area. They are Stepford Wife-esque in their household abilities: child-rearing, cooking, cleaning, and crafting, among other skills.

When searching through the comments of their blogs, one can see that their readers waiver in emotions. Some are supportive, some are critical, some are envious, some are inspired. I can admit to having felt all of the above while perusing such blogs. I have, at times, longed to see someone who looks a little bit more like me, who can kvetch in earnest without having to put some sweetener on the roughness; is it too much to ask to read about a life that does not feel so forced or so far from anything I could ever obtain/make for myself?

I would imagine motherhood does not come as naturally to many women out there. Many women were raised in homes far different from such perfection, with far different relationships with the women who reared them. To exemplify such perfection seems like a false pretense with a high potential for disappointment. In 2010, the New York Times called Mommy Blogs “a cultural force to be reckoned with”. Mothers should be the force, not the blog.

Women should make motherhood their own and embrace in a way that is just unto themselves and the other loved ones in their lives. This pressure should be ignored, noticed from a far at most. Your motherhood style should not be one that is based on a blog, but one that  is true and best suited to you. It will then be, perfection.

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Photo Acquired from the Creative Commons. (rcade, Flickr, Newseum)

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