Got a gaggle?

My mom sent me a NYT article on the end of courtship a while back, which led me to this website. The Gaggle – an interesting take on non-monogamy. I can’t decide whether or not I like the site yet, as I haven’t had much time to check it out. Some stuff on it rubbed me the wrong way but some was funny or inspiring. I believe in informed consent, always, no matter the relationship structure, and I worry that some stuff on the site (like episode 2 of the Slutty Years on the hot sex prospect page) doesn’t reflect that value. I’d be interested in hearing people’s thoughts on today’s dating/hookup cultures, as well as the gaggle site. 

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One thought on “Got a gaggle?

  1. I think this is fascinating! The NYT article I mean. I feel that it’s crazy because we are all aware of it, able to make fun of it, but also participate in it, on different levels sure, but I think most of us are aware of crafting ‘the perfect text’, and weird generational dating sh** like that. I remember doing that with my friends in high school, you always wanted to seem like it was easy, but that it was flirty, but not too flirty, and WHAT DO I SAY TO THAT?!!? With texting it’s confusing when to stop conversations too — my dilemma is always feeling like I need to sign off or say goodbye when sometimes it could just fade out .. anyway, getting to hook up culture, it’s so bizarre! We talked a lot about this in some of my sexuality classes, and I think I’ve finally (as of this minute) decided I don’t think it’s problematic to have casual safe sex, I think it’s problematic because we have so many young people who are hooking up before they are comfortable with their bodies, their selves and their partners — hence the liquor and the reallllly awkward high school days and college as well, where you see that person and you can barely look at each other! Communication is the problem, and a definite sexist stigma about sex. While I don’t see casual sex as a problem if people are honest, consenting and safe.. (definitely not the case in many occurances these days..ugh) I think the problem is just that, communication and well the everlooming sexism that makes the girl a slut and the guy a guy. I think people are making things way too difficult we don’t have to have all or nothing. Dating exists! Hanging out with someone exploring a relationship that doesn’t meant rules or labels to contracts exists. I think we are stifling a lot of opportunities to meet amazing people and connect with each other because we are all so scared of rejection, committment or some mix of the things. What do you guys think?! I feel like I could write pages about this but because it’s a comment… I’ll stop.


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