I received a message from a friend yesterday, “MISS YOU BETCH!” with a link to this New York Times article about the Betches Love This site. I hesitated, then chuckled at the message and proceeded to read the entire article when there’s lots of other news I should have been catching up on.

I haven’t spent any time on the site but the NYT article got me thinking: is Betches Love This doing society a favor? Is it starting a dialogue on issues that need to come to light? The site makes light of eating disorders and probably other serious topics. And it certainly reaches a specific and limited demographic. But it nonetheless forces people to think about our social expectations. And that white, rich, daddy’s girl, college crowd is nonetheless an audience. Thoughts? 


2 thoughts on “betches

  1. lexismanzara says:

    This is such an insane statement they are making, but it’s ingenious! Reading the article I was really skeptical and wasn’t sure if I would support the site. I definitely see why someone could disapprove of this and it’s could be really damaging for those who don’t see it for what it really is aka actual satire. They are so clearly making fun of this lifestyle and the values it supports and are experts at what they do. Wow this is hilarious and they have betches down to a T. Some of it seems terrible on the surface, but are really bringing light to a lot of ridiculous realities in a way that will catch people’s attention.

    Thanks Magda!


  2. IO says:

    Totally agree with you both — I’ve often felt conflicted in my use of the word/following of the site. I think as long as you take it with a grain of salt and realize you are woman above the materialistic means, it can be justified. Hopefully?


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