Friday Funday Links

Read this important and timely article about how white women can be better allies to black men

Check out this Huffington Post piece on lifelong monogamy. At minute 6:22 Stephanie Iris Weiss says that women don’t often explicitly express their sexuality and sexual desires. She cites better education for teenage girls (e.g. giving them a vibrator at their first period) as a possible solution.

Watch Bodyform’s humorous and blunt response to a man’s facebook rant about false advertising for Maxipad:

Finally! Enjoy the beat and melody of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke AND women’s rights!

Next go read this article in The Atlantic about Angel Haze and how rap music can help end rape culture.

Then there’s this outrageous case about rape survivor Marte Deborah Dalelv’s conviction and subsequent pardon in Dubai.

You can also read this great article written by a sex worker about the stigmatization of women in the industry

And finally, look at these stunning photos of real women’s bodies from A Beautiful Body Project

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