Women and Money – It’s my life, I get to decide

Last week I had the privilege of finishing my last class in the Women and Money course through Ruth L Hayden. In the last seven weeks I have been able to challenge my money beliefs and redirect my behaviors. I want to share a bit of what I learned for those of you struggle with money, or are interested in learning more about your money behaviors.

Ruth teaches a class specifically for women, as we are often socialized to believe that we do not have control and power over our lives, especially our money lives. Our money beliefs start forming as young children, and are difficult to change. These beliefs influence our behaviors and are part (along with still making 77 cents to the dollar) of the reason why women now have more financial literacy than ever, BUT are still in more vulnerable financial situations than men.

While I can’t divulge every practical thing I learned from this seven week class, I can advise you that examining your beliefs around money is a fantastic (while difficult) start. Knowing the emotions and beliefs that lie behind our behaviors is key to understanding how to alter them.

After we examined our money beliefs we were challenged to ask the question, “What do you really want?” As women we don’t often let ourselves ask this question, and it is essential in planning life for your 80 year old self.


A few practical tips:

Everyone is allowed ONE free credit report a year as per the government.

Try taking out cash weekly for flexible spending.

Start investing and or saving for you 80 year old self!

If you are in financial crisis you can call Lutheran Social Services 1-888-577-2227 or Credit Counseling Center 877-900-4222. Image


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