Friday Funday Links

Start your weekend out right with this great piece debunking the argument that feminists are sexist

Next watch this hilarious parody of birth control and yogurt ads aimed at women

In entertainment news, read this critique of “strong female characters”
Also why do movie trailers never use female narrators?
Well, at least women directors got a record number of Emmy nominations this year 

The hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen was trending on Twitter recently. Read some of Jezebel’s favorite Tweets here.  Also of note is this article by Zerlina Maxwell about how Twitter threats are worse for women of color.

Bryan Goldberg started his new website Bustle because he thinks there aren’t enough good publications for women out there. Hear him mansplain the concept in the Atlantic Wire

Watch this report about a new app for sexual assault survivors in DC

Follow this blog showing that misogynistic lyrics are present in all sorts of music genres, not just rap

Finally, read this NY Times opinion piece on rape culture’s root causes


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