Props, Girl.


Photo via Creative Commons: Flickr

Lizz Winstead (pictured center), a force behind The Daily Show and a female comedy trailblazer, released her book of personal essays in 2012. The collection, entitled Lizz Free or Die, is hilarious, personable, and touching.

Raised in a Conservative Catholic family in Minneapolis (holla!), Lizz embarked on a brave and admirable career to bring humor to the masses, while bringing attention to progressive causes. Her work is emboldened by the fight for reproductive rights, and equality for all. She became everything her family feared she would — a liberal, open-minded, and fearless supporter of everything left of the Catholic Church. She charged on regardless, championing her beliefs and knowing the innate fight within her was what she was meant to do.

She speaks candidly and with humorous bravado about growing up as the youngest child, the tides of musical change in Minneapolis, her bold break into the comedy circle, moving across country more than once, the death of her parents, her stories of her time as a roommate of Michele Norris had me fangirling all over the place. Most notably: an abortion she had as a high school student. She forgoes the details of the operation or the weight of the emotional aftermath to focus on her life as is — and how it so, due to the abortion. She has been everything she aspired to, because she made a choice for herself that was right for her — despite the criticism. She ends by including this article she wrote for the Huffington Post, that critiques the bias towards rape and abortion in modern society.

The book had me cheering to the rafters — she was her own advocate through and through, displaying grace, composure, and a wise equanimity that encouraged her success — it made me proud to read her book, to know of her presence and the path of empowerment she has blazed for so many. I will continue to sing her praises long after this book (I’ve already told so many friends to read it ASAP). Lizz free or die, y’all.

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