Friday Funday Links

A great spoken word poem about the racial implications of Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance

Women in India join forces to fight rape

Love is Respect: a great resource to prevent teen dating violence

An amazing Craigslist “Missed Connection” in Minneapolis takes down a street harasser

Dear HBO: Isn’t it time we had some male nudity along with your boob shots?

Unoriginal, sexist editor of the Washington times writes that Hillary Clinton is “getting past her sell-by date.”

An important read: 5 ways white feminists can address our own racism

*Trigger Warning; A PSA explaining how rape is always a woman’s fault (satire, folks)

Consensual oral sex techniques are irrelevant to sexual assault trials, unless you’re in the military.

In other disappointing news, Minnesota United for All Families is supporting anti-choice candidates.

“Did your blood splatter or pour?” Read this open letter to the media about how to interview (or not interview) sexual assault survivors

What happened on “The Mindy Project” this week was not okay; how our society continues to disreguard the experiences of male sexual assault survivors.


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