Trucks, Mud, Women and Poker: a Country Boy’s Fantasy

At the moment I can’t get over what I am more surprised about- the fact that I’m actually posting (finally) or that I’m publically exposing the truth of my secret love for country music.

A few months ago when I was having one of my guilty country lovin’ moments, driving to work and blasting the radio, I heard Florida Georgia Line: Cruise.  The first time I heard this song I was creeped out; not only by the undeniable sexist lyrics of men driving around and staring at women, but also by the fact that I was kind of loving country so much.  (You see I was still in the denial stage of loving country, I couldn’t even admit it to myself that I liked it).

I had forgotten about Cruise until yesterday when I was doing some browsing on Youtube’s top music videos.   While I was watching, I had mixed emotions. I didn’t know if I should laugh, be mad or feel disturbed.  Cruise clearly displays how music videos can be a platform for making male fantasies somewhat of a reality (if you can call music videos a reality). However, I think if this happened in our daily lives it would be REAL creepy… but I took screen shots of some scenes from the video so I guess I’ll let you be the judge…

Picture 15

Starts off just driving around in their nice car, lookin’ for girls to pick up.

Picture 16

Doin’ a little singing

Picture 17

Oooh and they spotted one, just posing in the water by herself with her perfect body

Picture 18

So they creep up in their big black truck, rollin’ down their windows

Picture 19

And are really creepin’ on her

Picture 22

Openly checkin’ her out head to toe

Picture 23

Yet she doesn’t notice, or it’s just the norm for two men to pull up in a big black truck and stare at you while you get dressed.

Picture 24

Nothing creepy here…

Picture 25

She notices him and of course politely waves and smiles.  It’s not weird seeing two men in a big black truck just stare at you while you get dressed alone.

Picture 16

And she gets so excited she leaves her towel.

Picture 26

And gets in the back of a big black truck… with two strangers… I know you’re probably thinking- but wait!  He’s such a gentleman, he got out of the car and opened the door for her to get in.

Picture 27

They drive around looking for more ladies

Picture 28

And they have spotted another one, perfect with her midriff showing

Picture 29

“Excuse me pretty lady, you are done here.”

Picture 30

“Let me escort you to my big black truck.”

Picture 31

And then there were three (because two ladies isn’t enough for two men).  So now that they collected some hotties, they do what you typically do when you first meet someone: play cards.  But not just any ordinary card game…

Picture 32

Strip poker!  And it’s getting frisky, she’s inher bra and he’s…

Picture 33

Being real risqué and taking off… his boot

Picture 34


Picture 36

Then, things really pick up- in an open field with an American flag backdrop

Picture 18

Welcome to my party, where all the ladies are young, slender and white

Picture 35

American boys,

Picture 39

Girls and trucks,

Picture 41

And some classic dirt road fun

Picture 42

All in a day’s work for these two country boys.

Soooo what came of this?  Only a second music video (a remix to this song) with more fast cars and scantily clad women.  If anyone is interested in round two… (Nelly sure was) check out the remix.  Keepin’ the fantasy alive one music video at a time.

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4 thoughts on “Trucks, Mud, Women and Poker: a Country Boy’s Fantasy

  1. safialaura says:

    Me and my mom thoroughly enjoyed this, can’t stop the lolz. The more times I look over this, the more I get creeped out by the fact that they’re portraying that it’s ok to just get in a stranger’s car if they are seemingly innocent. Among a million other things that are wrong with their view of the world… but I LOVE IT MEGAN


  2. lexismanzara says:

    It’s so true! These are like subliminal messages that men’s fantasies are the ideal to strive for. I would even argue that these shape women’s fantasies and goals as well by shaping what society sees as the ideal woman.

    I’m especially glad you uncovered this because it really puts it in perspective. Otherwise this could be seen as just a country fantasy – and that country women should also try to achieve this.

    OR even worse, people might not realize that it’s a fantasy at all, but instead just a good ole country time! The more this is seen as standard and realistic the more those insane things – like gathering random beautiful women into your car – are just what we expect.

    Maybe that’s why in real life men hollering from their cars are so confused when they are they get rejected…


  3. io says:

    i love country music and struggle with the fact that industry doesn’t expect their fans to be feminists (which in their defense, may hold validity).

    i did some more digging on the matter, and there are a few interesting articles out there (such as this one

    problem is though — all these articles come at feminism from the singular “i’m a strong female singing about a man that did me wrong, hear me roar” view —- nothing about men respecting women . (the saga of men respecting women does exist to a certain degree in country music, in the traditional sense: often you hear men sing of their love for their adoring mother, or domesticated and sweet wife, or some sex kitten, but never for some woman who can think outside of the box and be different from expectations.)

    i hope the genre pushes towards progress.


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