Friday Funday Links

Meet the Native American women pushing for access to emergency contraception

An awesome song from THEESatisfaction regarding lesbians

A crucial resource guide on white privilege, reverse racism, cultural appropriation, and more.

(Trigger Warning) A member of a Georgia Tech fraternity sent out a disgusting email with guidelines on “Luring Rapebait” at parties. After the email went viral, he wrote a public apology, which you can judge for yourself.

NCAA’s first transgender athlete opens up about his struggle toward acceptance.

Chris Brown did not lose his virginity at 8 years old. He was raped at 8 years old.

Dear creepy guys: please stop ruining sundresses for the rest of us

The State of Women in America: The Center for American Progress’s interactive table of how women are fairing across the nation.

A New York intern couldn’t sue for sexual harassment because she was an unpaid worker.

“TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ Helped Make Me a Feminist”

A new study on adolescent violence shows how important it is to work with all boys to prevent sexual violence

Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani woman who survived a Taliban assassination attempt, renders Jon Stewart speechless with her wise and peaceful words


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