Friday Funday Links

Spend some time on the The Women Under Siege Project webpage, which investigates the use of rape and other forms of sexualized violence in conflict.

Read this blog post from Natalie Jean about the difficulties and complexities of femininity and fighting her demons of doubt and vanity.

Watch this hilarious video “Shark Week”—a rap about our favorite time of the month

ACLU’s “Stealth Attack” comic illustrates sneaky new abortion laws

“Living with Contradiction”: a blog about beauty work and feminism

A woman who identifies both as white and as a woman of color speaks on the complexities of the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag and movement

A London-based artist explores the phenomenon of teenage girls posting youtube videos asking if they are pretty or ugly, and the cruel comments that accompany them

A woman acknowledges her feelings of burnout and gives some inspiration for getting past it! The rest of the blog also has lots of great posts aimed at feminists in grad school.

A detained Mexican woman who was shackled while giving birth in Nashviille will receive $490,000 in a settlement

Rapper Angel Haze, a 22-year-old pansexual woman of color, does justice to Macklemore’s Same Love song

Better birth control could save taxpayers 12.5 billion dollars a year

A new campaign from UN women uses real google searches to demonstrate how the world really thinks about women. Salon tried the same experiment on the word feminists with equally scary results


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