“The System is a Joke”

So, a week or two ago I shared this Lauryn Hill song called “I get out” on facebook. This song is so strong, so true, so needed, so authentic and so important that I had to post it here as well.

Take a listen, and while you watch and listen I want you to really hear what she is saying. Hear the message she’s conveying.

Alright, so now that you got to experience that awesomeness, I would like to point out a few strong messages and quotes that really hit me in a goosebump type of way, in a way that stuck out to me as something very important for people to start thinking about in the times we’re living in.

“Where is the passion in this living,
Are you sure it’s God your serving,
obligated to a system,
getting less then your deserving…”

“…To keep me in this box,
psychological locks,
repressin’ true expression,
promotin’ mass deception,
so that no one can be healed,
I don’t respect your system,
I wont protect your system,
when you talk I don’t listen…”

“Oh, you have everyone believed,
that you’re sole authority,
just follow the majority,
afraid to face reality,
the system is a joke…”

To me (remind you I speak for myself, discussions and different perceptions are welcome and appreciated), we are living in a system that has failed us. I think Lauryn Hill is saying that as women and men, we have been failed, lied to, and manipulated into believing certain ways of living are what is best for us. In reality, the system has tricked us into believing that money is happiness, power is key, and putting a mask on is necessary… In this song, I believe Lauryn Hill is putting the system, the government, and the music industry on blast. A much needed blast! Letting people see in plain view, that we aren’t supposed to feel suppressed, that you can step outside of the systems box, outside of the systems control, and into your true being.

Now days, the arts are limited, the food is fast, the colleges are expensive, the media is overly sexual and very violent, the music on the popular stations are degrading and filled with lies, the country is bombing other countries for what reason, the politics are acting as if they were about three years old for the whole country to see, and everything is about money.So, what kind of messages are being thrown out for our children to see, might you ask? To worry about making money, not what you love. To eat what tastes good, don’t worry about your health, give your money to money hungry companies. To go into debt-just to get a good paying job that will pay off your debt for 30 years. To get attention by being sexual, or to deal with your issues by being violent. To degrade your loved ones-EVEN IF you don’t actually feel that way about them truthfully. To try to control others. To be disrespectful. And lastly, to do what you can to make money, because money makes you happy, not good friends, or doing something passionate, or loved ones (in my sarcastic voice).

Alright guys, this post was very opinionated. I write to you guys like I write to my journal, so forgive me-I had to express my true feelings-for it is only right considering my video choice.

Now, I will end with something I wrote after hearing “I get out” for the first time…


….I give out credit when its due,
I speak a dosage of my mind that some might take as taboo,
kinda like-no child left behind-release in 2002,
government took a hold of our children-but what you gonna do?
tests and numbers, are now a personality,
shows for the youth? increasing in profanity,
mainstream music? is…mentally damaging,
kids having kids but we fight about abortion,
so history repeats itself,
historians repeat each other-I guess we play the hands we’re dealt,
we learn to grow up fast, then we learn to miss our past,
then the past becomes a thought that we thought we tried to grasp,
but if a grasp is clenched fist, and a thought is a frame of mind,
and we see those are enclosed, we can release space and time,
releasing what originally-bound our experience,
I refuse to be bound any longer with this ignorance.

Thank you,
be well,
be blessed.



5 thoughts on ““The System is a Joke”

  1. jennavagts says:

    I LOVED the original piece at the end! You should think about recording it.


  2. Amy says:

    and thank you! 🙂


  3. Magdalena says:

    KILLED IT. I’d never heard this Lauryn Hill Song and it resonates so hard. Reminds me of a demoralizing conversation I had last year with folks at the Black Student Union at Stanford – it started out being about rape culture and ended up discussing the music industry and the material bonds that hold us all in this oppressive paradigm.

    I often feel at a loss and don’t know how we can ever escape but I think that listening to liberating music like this and having dialogues is a great start. I recently found a Guatemalan rap song called (in Spanish) Wake Up, Guatemala and it really got me elated. I guess for now Ima just keep loving the folks around me and working towards self-reliance.

    I also love your original piece at the end and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE CD RELEASE TOMORROW!


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