Friday Funday Links

Start your weekend off right with a beautiful, articulate speech about the word feminist from Joss Whedon.

Last week we posted a link to the 2013 Global Gender Gap Report. Here is a link that summarizes in what ways women are on top.

Comedy often pushes buttons, but when someone crosses the line from heckling to harassment, it’s no longer funny. Read this open letter to a “rapey” comic in Washington, DC.

A huge component of rape culture is rampant victim-blaming in the media. Read these crucial rules for journalists about how to write about rape appropriately.

Read this article from The Baffler on “facebook feminism” and the Lean In campaign engaging young people through the internet.

We need to stop insisting that only one woman can run for office at a time. This Slate article articulates why.

In music news, watch this video of Kelly Rowland, Eve, and Sevyn Streeter performing in Black Girls Rock! Then read this great piece on reactions to the event and how women of color rarely get the spotlight they deserve. Next, check out this Buzzfeed article of 9 female rappers you should know about.

Anti-rape underwear is an absurd concept that somehow became a real product. Here are 12 questions about it.

We need to inform ourselves about the unjust murder of a young black woman and the outrageous response that has succeeded the incident.

Is the Human Rights Campaign doing “colonialism done in the name of saviorism?”

Watch these four female poets  from the DC Youth Slam Team destroy the female stereotype like the monsters they are.

Protect women from pharmacists who refuse birth control! Send an email to members of congress through NARAL asking them to support a bill that would hold pharmacists accountable to providing this essential service.


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