Victoria’s Not so Secret Mission to Keep Pink Alive


Screenshot Via Victoria’s Secret Blast Email

Earlier this year, Victoria’s Secret introduced a new “Date” line of bras and undies by VS — a line of sexy undergarments that indubitably imply a date should lead to sexual activity. The body should be adorned and seen, worshiped in the glow of a lacy $50 bra.

They’ve taken the line even further now, and adapted it to their Pink line, which is aimed at tweens, teenagers, and college aged females. If you search the word “date” on the Victoria’s Secret website, the line now appears solely for the Pink line — did the brand not do well with adults? Was it short-lived because maturity was opposed to the blatant intention?

Notice by the promo code (“Hotdate”) on the above picture and the packaged deal rate: There’s no masking the lack of innocence they’re selling. Teenagers spend 40% of their money on clothing, so the combination of selling sexy items that could attract wanted attention, and as a deal, will bring the teenage girls into the store. (FTR, this deal appears to no longer be available.)  As a former teenager, I acknowledge that it was fun to go on dates and learn about your body/others bodies by trial and error, but this blatant push to sell sexuality and an idealized body image is deeply troubling. Youth should grow into their own sexuality on their own timeline. They should be comfortable in their own skin, and not strive for the false body of Photoshop. Wear what you want to wear, without the pressure to show what’s underneath. Studies show children and teens are highly impressionable, and the executives behind the Pink line are feeding off the naivete of youth. Considering the line seems to have taken a recent plunge (reported to have tanked by 25%), are they pulling out the desperate stops to survive? Victoria’s Secret is not an active participant in raising media healthy youth.Though as a brand with such huge influence in the vein of “selling sex” why would they be? Is it wrong to expect the worst of this conglomerate? It’s disheartening that expecting anything less (or perhaps more, in this case) of them is daunting and unimaginable.

The line, according to the Limited Brands analysis, is aimed to the “college aged woman”, in order to help her transition to the “adult line”. While Pink does have a portion of items that are directed to university students (such as tight fitting baseball top for a school), the majority of buyers began buying Pink items long before college. Pink runs gimmicks that attracts young girls — such as a free stuffed dog with a purchase. Pink also has an app that caters to a young mind — the “cute dog” that represents the brand tells the weather, and Instagram-like filters allow you to look sexy in Sepia.

Another contradiction by the brand is their attempt to “help women” in Africa with a seemingly well-intentioned diversion into fair-trade products. This intention was not what it seemed: after investigation it was found that contradicted itself with the use of child labor.

The Limited Brands company makes the majority of their money off of the Victoria’s Secret brand. The goal of the brand is to have customers feel “Sexy, sophisticated, and forever young”. By creating a sexy line for girls (not quite yet women), they are feeding to the sexy feeling, making them feel older and sophisticated by donning lingerie to feed to the eyes of their prepubescent lovers, but still young in their youth by going on fun and “exploratory” dates.

Does this irk anyone else? This piece is in no way aimed at “slut-shaming” anyone who has sexual activity in their teens, but aimed at those who may purchase Pink products, to hopefully be mindful and take their business elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Not so Secret Mission to Keep Pink Alive

  1. colormeanew says:

    when i was in Jr high and highschool i would buy from the pink line so yes its absolutely true that it is being sold to that age group as well. with in the last year or two i seen two girls who looked about ten and each was holding a victorias secret bag


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