Anti-Rape Underwear

“AR Wear–Confidence and Protection that can be worn”

Do you think anti-rape underwear would stop a rapist/predator from sexually assaulting you?

A campaign promoting a clothing line that is offering women “protection” in the event they are sexually assaulted…AR Wear states, “We developed this product so that women and girls could have more power to control the outcome of a sexual assault”. The products are a variety of styles of running and traveling shorts and underwear that cater to the “styles of individual users”. Essentially, the main purposes of the garments are to be comfortable wear for women while being resistant to any excessive tearing, pulling, and cutting in the event of an attempted assault.

Yet again, women are responsible for preventing or lowering their chances of being sexually assaulted. In what world does this make any sense?

To say the least, I was flabbergasted when one of my girlfriends shared this campaign with me a few days ago. Even after days of processing this campaign and their efforts in “protecting” women, I am still struggling to wrap my mind around this concept…and the underwear. Immediately, I asked, why is the responsibility placed on our shoulders when we are the ones being inexplicably harmed? What ever happened to including men in the prevention of sexual violence within communities worldwide? Women should not continue to be subjected to blame and feel the need to constantly have to defend ourselves from predators.  And has the AR Wear campaign and clothing line considered the fact that the underwear and shorts are not protective of all forms of sexual violence?

Working towards ending sexual violence in our communities is a collective effort. Women and men should be included in preventing the harsh realities of sexual violence…it is not only up to us to “protect” ourselves.

To learn more about AR Wear, their campaign, and products please refer to this website:

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One thought on “Anti-Rape Underwear

  1. Florence Brammer says:

    Everything’s a marketing opportunity.


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