3 Songs About Domestic Violence You Should Know


It is no longer Domestic Violence Awareness Month but we need to still be just as aware.

My ITunes was playing in the background the other day when Luka by Suzanne Vega began to play. Although I have always loved it, not until I was older did I truly listen to the lyrics of this piece. In its peppy and beautiful demeanor it tells the heart-wrenching story of a woman who is in an abusive relationship. The story reflects the reality of many individuals facing abuse in their physical or emotional home, the reality of living in a “fish bowl” as Lexis Manzara put it; the reality of creating a new identity to diminish the pain one is facing. I want to see a world free of this pain; that is my dream.

Vega’s piece inspired me to reflect on other songs that tell the stories of domestic violence. Check out the songs below by Suzzane Vega, Eve and Dessa.  I am sure there are more to add, please share them in the comment section and please continue to tell the stories of those who have experienced abuse.

By keeping things “private” we only continue to silence and normalize these stories. Violence is not and should never be normal. And with all that said, survivors must tell these stories in a way comfortable and empowering to them.

Luka- Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega tells the story of a woman who tirelessly works to cover up the abuse she is experiencing. “Luka”, the narrator, shares her story in a form of conversation.

Love Is Blind-Eve

By discussing how feelings of love and loyalty can freeze individuals, Eve tells the story of her friend whom an abuser murdered. Abuse is manipulative and can be seen in so many layers.


Artful and poetic as she always writes, Dessa tells the story of an individual in an abusive and controlling situation without ever explicitly discussing violence. She tells the story from the perspective of a friend and place of support for the individual.


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One thought on “3 Songs About Domestic Violence You Should Know

  1. etwamleyErin says:

    Thanks for sharing these songs. I agree- the need to be aware of violence against women,and ending “it” is pivotal. But I think that survivors need not lead the torch, but men need to start to hold other men to respect, love and empathy standards. Zimmerman’s recent arrest highlights how we value men over and over despite their actions. When will men feel the shame, guilt, pain and sadness that survivors feel over and over. Maybe with empathy we can move forward with a torch led by respectful men, not survivors.


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