Friday Funday Links

For some intellectual stimulation this weekend, watch this public debate on black feminism between Melissa Harris Perry and bell hooks.

Read this article from Black Youth Project about how organizing work is based in personal lives. The article focuses on black women who organized against Nelly coming to Spellman College after the “Tip Drill” video.

Live in DC? Mark your calendars for a January 25 concert at 930 Club featuring Drop Electric, Young Rapids, The Sea Life, and The Raised By Wolves. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Girls Rock! DC, a local organization that runs a week-long music camp for DC girls age 8-18. Along with small-group music instruction, scampers also learn about the history of women in rock and gender and cultural identity.

Read about why traditional gender roles are impeding tons of straight men from the rimjobs that they want.

This study demonstrates aggressive competition between women, specifically those in the same social circles. Being aware of our natural tendencies might make us less likely to participate in them.

TRIGGER WARNING* Read this CNN iReport from a Real Life Athena friend on her rape, miscarriage, and subsequent path to healing by combatting rape culture and sharing her story with others.

TRIGGER WARNING* Here are fifty facts about sexual assault in the military and an article about the difficult process facing veterans with PTSD from sexual assault.

This article is from graduation season but always relevant! Check out these tips for recent graduates on navigating the feminist job market.

For your daily dose of outrage, check out this absurd list of 20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated. This misogynist asshole decided to put this list on the internet because he was sick and tired of sharing his thoughts in person and being labeled—wait for it—a misogynist asshole.

“Loving Your Body in the Age of Patriarchy”—a blog post about growing up with a complex and volatile relationship to your body. Also be sure to check out RLA member Alexis’s piece on this topic!

Read this article about sexism in specialty coffee shops and how masculinity and “macho” culture often dominates professional kitchens.


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