Friday Funday Links

Though the Affordable Care Act is meant to provide health care regardless of preexisting conditions (such as having a uterus), the Supreme Court will be hearing two cases that could allow companies with “religious values” to deny contraception to their employees. I suppose were back to prioritizing the rights of companies and not the humans that they employ.
When men’s magazines write about sex, they give a lot of bad advice.
This high profile custody case involving Bode Miller raises significant questions about the rights of women.

Michelle Obama is not a feminist nightmare and Melissa Harris Perry is appalled the woman who made that claim.
Someone at the Huffington Post thought it was important to share women’s clothing trends that guys hate. Here is a response.
I’m not going to link to this misogynistic website, which has received far too many hits already, but we should not pay attention to the author and his pieces. 
Unsurprisingly, this study found that women are more likely to be half naked on screen than men.
Its great advice, but the title should read “How to Talk to Your Child About Their Body.”
Read this piece on breast feeding in public.
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