Friday Funday Links–The Beyonce Edition

The release of Beyoncé’s surprise album reignited tension between black and white feminists over what makes a woman a feminist. Many of the articles featured in this version of FFL are in response to such critiques.

Double standards: why we can’t have black feminist pop icons

5 reasons Beyoncé is an awesome feminist

The top 5 feminist moments of Beyoncé’s new album

“On Defending Beyoncé: Black Feminists, White Feminists, and the Line In the Sand”: an analysis from Black Girl Dangerous

Unbelievable: a “homeless awareness” campaign that explicitly objectifies women. Intersectionality people!?

“I hold the universe inside of me”: our pick for feminist comic of the week

More drama at Occidental College: “men’s rights” group submits phony rape reports

The debate on Miley Cyrus’s cultural appropriation continues: members of Miley’s twerk team speak out

Pussy Riot band members freed from Russian prison!

*TRIGGER WARNING Past sexual assault accusations against R. Kelly resurface. This is a hard read but a reminder that we must continue to defend those whose voices are pushed to the side, often the voices of young girls of color. Also: the Twitter hashtag #AskRKelly backfires

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