Cheers to a New Year

DSCN1140_2An old poem to ring in the new year, and a new version in Spanish to keep us on our toes. Sending power and love to all my builders and fighters out there! Feliz año nuevo. ***Read out LOUD


Spit some poetry

Attack corporate crap

Shake yo booty

Diverge from all that’s wack

Tear off your bra

Go nakey if ya want

Liberate itty bitty titties and big ol’ butts

Show the world how you strut your stuff


Unicorns and tie dye

A boombox and high tops

Reclaim the streets

Beat up bad cops

Street art

Street dance

Parking lots and rooftops

That’s what I’m talking bout


You fly


You strong

I wish you a free mind

Social prison, be gone!


Escupa la poesía

Ataque mierda corporativa

Mueva tus nalgas

Espero que te salgas

de la ropa chambona

Libera pechos pequeños

y caderas campeonas

Mostrale al mundo

el poder que es tuyo


Unicornios y tinta

Una mano que pinta

Reclame las calles

Y nunca te caes

Calle baile, calle arte

En techos y parques

De eso hablo


Sos busa


Sos fuerte

No te frustras

La libertad esta pendiente

Comienza con tu mente

Written by Magdalena Kaluza

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2 thoughts on “Cheers to a New Year

  1. meganleys says:

    1st sorry… i’m late to reply to this…2. I LOVE this. so so dope. Safia recently read it out to me the other day and I had to have her read it again, the poem for me was very visual!


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