Friday Funday Links


Our comic pick of the week: a series focused on domestic violence against women

In response to cat calling and public transit discussions, what do you think of this “honk if you love feminism” shirt?

The Bechdel Test, which rates movies on their portrayal of women, may also be a good indicator of box office performance

In the last two years, more state restrictions on abortion were enacted than in the entire previous decade.

Sex positivity, sex work, and the need to discuss both within feminism

Know that famous “kissing sailor” photo from V-J Day in 1945? It wasn’t consensual. So why do media sources continue to call the kiss whimsical and timeless?

The real TV trend of 2013? The rise of the strong female character

Fairfax County, VA (one of the oldest counties in the U.S.) has its first female sheriff in its 271 year history!


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