Friday Funday Links



A great article in Cosmo Magazine (we know…we’re shocked too!) about 13 things NOT to say to your lesbian friend

The Female Face of Poverty: 50 years after the War on Poverty began, millions of women are still struggling to get by.

The 9:30 Club—a popular music venue in D.C.–featured a letter about street harassment on their “Ye Olde Mailbox” website. The venue will also be hosting a concert to support a great non-profit organization, Girls Rock! DC, on January 25.

Watch CeCe McDonald getting released from prison!! She was greeted by a group of supporters including actress Laverne Cox.

A man suffering from clinical depression has a message for men who think it’s not manly to share their feelings.

Check out this awesome response to body shaming from Gabourey Sidibe

What does “White Feminism” mean?

An artist goes to great lengths to reflect a woman’s role in this world

Crunk Feminist Collective breaks down Juicy J and his sexist “respectability politics” that shame working class black women.

Abortion rights threatened again…Anti-choice protesters are trying to challenge the constitutionality of Planned Parenthood’s buffer zone to protect abortion patients entering and leaving clinics.

*TRIGGER WARNING Daisy Coleman—the teenage victim of a highly publicized rape case in Maryville, Missouri—bravely shares the truth of what happened to her and how it has affected her life since. Last week, Daisy Coleman’s rapist was sentenced to only two years probation.



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