Friday Funday Links


6 reasons female nudity can be powerful: how Lena Dunham and other women are using their bodies to break the status quo

If you haven’t seen it already, read this powerful open letter from Dylan Farrow about her abuser Woody Allen (trigger warning). Unfortunately, however, Nicolas Kristof’s introduction to the article is another example of rape culture at work.

A Yale Law Professor argues for a new definition of rape that includes sex-by-deception.

A ‘spinster’ photographer poses with a mannequin family to depict the American Dream

A bar in Spokane, Washington created a drink called “Date Grape Koolaid.” And what’s worse, their horrifically offensive responses to complaints on their facebook page are an extreme example of the very rape culture they deny exists.

“In defense of twitter feminism”: a great analysis of how gentrification, race, and feminist discourse play out on the Internet

Black Girl Dangerous creator Mia McKenzie shows you 4 ways to not just to acknowledge your privilege, but instead to actively push back against it.

Need new underwear? Think about investing in some “consent panties”!


One thought on “Friday Funday Links

  1. Stephanie says:

    These are fucking retarded. If saying no doesn’t work then there is no way in hell anyone is going to stop because your panties say no. The only time anyone will read them is if they are found while doing laundry. If you want to “talk” about sex then the last thing you need to do in this fictitious “rape” culture is drop your pants and start showing your dumb ass bought stupid panties with a pointless message.


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