Upcoming! First Ever RLA Event LIVE in Minneapolis

How-Microphones-Work-2The women of Real Live Athena are unbearably excited to announce our very first, off the internet, in the flesh, Real Life Event!

Unspoken: An interactive day of exploring and expressing our narratives

As a collective of women promoting feminist values and pushing to make this world a more equitable place, we are excited to be hosting this interactive evening of events. The mission of this evening is for participants to examine our personal stories and how they relate to our unique identities, and to explore different methods of sharing and expressing our narratives with others.

We are offering a series of interactive workshops to begin the afternoon (2-5 pm) that will allow us to explore and express our unique narratives with each other. We will transition to the evening (7-9 pm) with performances from community partners and event participants to celebrate our stories, our identities, and our community. We will end the evening in true style, with an amazing DJ and the most live dance party you may see in 2014. Visual art from local artists will also be showcased!

Ultimately, we  hope to leave this event with a better sense of self and understanding of the community around us.

Fox Egg

Event Details (save the date!):

  • April 26th
  • Workshops 2-5, Performance 7-9, Dance Party all night following
  • Location: Fox Egg Gallery 3730 Chicago Ave. Minneapolis, MN

Performers, DJ,  workshops, and facilitators are to be announced in the very near future! Stay tuned for the dopeness!!


One thought on “Upcoming! First Ever RLA Event LIVE in Minneapolis

  1. meganleys says:

    Ayyyyyy sooo excited!!


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