Friday Funday Links



Pictured above is Gladys Bentley (1907 – 1960), An amazing blues singer.  To find out more about her and other powerful women checkout AutoStraddle’s  list of 100 LGBTQ black women you should know

“Erasure Hurts”: discussing the absence of dark-skinned women on Pharrell’s album cover

How white supremacy permeates through the hit Netflix series House of Cards

Why you should reconsider asking questions such as “how was your day?”

Some cool gender & sexualities work coming out of Kalamazoo College

A University of Minnesota Professor argues the pros of teaching biology using sex-ed

In other U of M news, The U is part of a wave of colleges reassessing sexual assault policies

6 Charts from the Women’s Media Center that reveal just how white and male US media really is…

Whitewashing reproductive rights: how the stories of black activists get erased

An analysis of how the term “bitch” got associated with “badness”

Back in October, RLA member Sarah wrote about why she was over the term “virginity.” Here are some more reasons to question this term, along with the phrase “sexually active”.

Seven of the most common lies about abortion, and what they get so wrong.

John Kerry has committed the U.S. to denying visas to perpetrators of sexual violence during times of conflict. What about those who have committed the same crimes during times of peace?

Lupita Nyong’o delivered a moving acceptance speech about black beauty and black women in Hollywood. Read the transcript here.


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