Friday Funday Links

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Last month, a Duke University freshman wrote an open letter about her work in the porn industry and why she won’t let bullies shame her or delegitimize her experience. This week, she revealed her stage name on XO Jane. Adult-film performer Stoya followed up with a badass op-ed in the NY Times.

Last Monday was National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. Read about the challenges abortion providers face and stories from an abortion clinic escort.

The White House anti-rape plan takes a critical look at social norms and rape culture

Alyssa Woodard who is affiliated with RLA wrote “Call it what it is: a wealth and race gap” in response to an article in the MN Daily that was mitigating income equality stats.

Check out this cool campaign for reproductive rights—the artist paints messages on people’s bodies and made some great video clips out of it.

NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue went on the Daily Show to talk about the double standard between men and women on reproductive health care

A great blog on the question “are you pregnant?” and conversations around women’s bodies

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