Friday Funday Links


A Southern California professor’s critique of the “Ban Bossy” movement

Crystabel Funes is fighting against one of LA’s richest families for the right to see her daughter

The National Women’s History Museum disregards the voices of women’s historians

Veet created some super offensive ads shaming women for body hair. The ads have already been pulled due to viewer backlash. Luckily, photographer Ben Hopper is fighting the beauty industry with his stunning “Natural Beauty” series featuring women displaying their body hair.

On April 8, the feminist blogosphere lost a powerful advocate for women of color to suicide. RIP to Karyn Washington, founder of the website For Brown Girls and the #DarkSkinRedLip project.

An archaeological discovery of a text mentioning Jesus’s wife sheds new light on how early Christians saw gender and sex.

A Minnesota Republican thinks the solution to bullying is physical violence…

A great article on why intergenerational feminism matters


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