3 Reasons To Attend “Unspoken” on 4/26

Real Life Athena: A Women’s Collective will be hosting our first ever live event on 4/26 from 2-10pm. It will be a day filled with workshops, performances, art, good people and great music.

RSVP right now!

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Here are three reasons you need to be there:

1. Our workshops. Join us beginning at 2:00pm on April 26 for workshops that align and advance our mission. Workshop topics include creative expression of identity, a conversation for male-identified individuals on healthy masculinity, a workshop led by Adam Harris from Penumbra Theater on using art for social change and an important conversation on sex positivity.

2. Performances. Here are videos of a few artists who will be performing on April 26 in the evening aspect of our event.

B Dot Croc 

Nik Martell

Lyriq Lashay

3. Art on Display

We will have art on display all day, some artists will have pieces for sale as well.

Check out one of our incredible artists. (We’ll continue to feature artists, musicians, etc… as the event approaches!)




One thought on “3 Reasons To Attend “Unspoken” on 4/26

  1. jennavagts says:

    LOVE this post! Looking forward to seeing these artists!!


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