Menstrual Cup Epiphany

Awhile back I wrote about my experience using a menstrual cup. To sum it up- it was pretty negative. I mean really-I was drinking a big ol’ glass of haterade. I had originally wanted to write about my experience because I am interested in menstrual product options. The menstrual hygiene industry is booming and products like pads, panty liners, and tampons take up a considerable amount of my income. Even though I had some challenges the first time using my menstrual cup, I continued to use it off and on. Last year I got an IUD. One of the side effects (I love my IUD by the way) is spotting. I enlisted my menstrual cup to help me during times of the month where I would be spotting. Guess what? The more I used it, the more I loved it. It is so convenient. Yes, I still struggle some days inserting and removing-but am getting better at it every time I use it. The moral of the story: don’t knock it until you try it at least a couple of times.


Here are some other products and informational websites folks might be interested in.

Glad Rags

Are you a boxers kinda person and don’t have the underoos for reusable pads? Try these Lunapanties under your boxers or any of the other products on their website


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3 thoughts on “Menstrual Cup Epiphany

  1. […] uses a menstrual cup or trying to dissuade anyone from trying one out, but it was just not for me. (Actually it was- check out my menstrual epiphany here) If you think think my  the issues I had with the Diva Cup won’t be such a big deal to you, then I […]


  2. Alice says:

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Ann Friedman? Or her totally awesome weekly newsletter? (Truly. It’s one of the best executed “writer promoting herself and others” strategies I’ve come across.)

    Anyhoo. Your post made me think you might get a kick out of her recent endorsement of “men endorsing the Diva cup.” [Background: she did a review of the podcast done by some guy friends of hers, in exchange for them recording a pitch for any product of her choice.]


    • Alice says:

      I just realized my comment looks kinda like spam. My bad. I’m really just “random person endorsing not-entirely random person’s endorsement of unrandom friends endorsing totally random product.”


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