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Friday Funday Links


A Southern California professor’s critique of the “Ban Bossy” movement

Crystabel Funes is fighting against one of LA’s richest families for the right to see her daughter

The National Women’s History Museum disregards the voices of women’s historians

Veet created some super offensive ads shaming women for body hair. The ads have already been pulled due to viewer backlash. Luckily, photographer Ben Hopper is fighting the beauty industry with his stunning “Natural Beauty” series featuring women displaying their body hair.

On April 8, the feminist blogosphere lost a powerful advocate for women of color to suicide. RIP to Karyn Washington, founder of the website For Brown Girls and the #DarkSkinRedLip project.

An archaeological discovery of a text mentioning Jesus’s wife sheds new light on how early Christians saw gender and sex.

A Minnesota Republican thinks the solution to bullying is physical violence…

A great article on why intergenerational feminism matters


Friday Funday Links

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Last month, a Duke University freshman wrote an open letter about her work in the porn industry and why she won’t let bullies shame her or delegitimize her experience. This week, she revealed her stage name on XO Jane. Adult-film performer Stoya followed up with a badass op-ed in the NY Times.

Last Monday was National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. Read about the challenges abortion providers face and stories from an abortion clinic escort.

The White House anti-rape plan takes a critical look at social norms and rape culture

Alyssa Woodard who is affiliated with RLA wrote “Call it what it is: a wealth and race gap” in response to an article in the MN Daily that was mitigating income equality stats.

Check out this cool campaign for reproductive rights—the artist paints messages on people’s bodies and made some great video clips out of it.

NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue went on the Daily Show to talk about the double standard between men and women on reproductive health care

A great blog on the question “are you pregnant?” and conversations around women’s bodies

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Friday Funday Links



Pictured above is Gladys Bentley (1907 – 1960), An amazing blues singer.  To find out more about her and other powerful women checkout AutoStraddle’s  list of 100 LGBTQ black women you should know

“Erasure Hurts”: discussing the absence of dark-skinned women on Pharrell’s album cover

How white supremacy permeates through the hit Netflix series House of Cards

Why you should reconsider asking questions such as “how was your day?”

Some cool gender & sexualities work coming out of Kalamazoo College

A University of Minnesota Professor argues the pros of teaching biology using sex-ed

In other U of M news, The U is part of a wave of colleges reassessing sexual assault policies

6 Charts from the Women’s Media Center that reveal just how white and male US media really is…

Whitewashing reproductive rights: how the stories of black activists get erased

An analysis of how the term “bitch” got associated with “badness”

Back in October, RLA member Sarah wrote about why she was over the term “virginity.” Here are some more reasons to question this term, along with the phrase “sexually active”.

Seven of the most common lies about abortion, and what they get so wrong.

John Kerry has committed the U.S. to denying visas to perpetrators of sexual violence during times of conflict. What about those who have committed the same crimes during times of peace?

Lupita Nyong’o delivered a moving acceptance speech about black beauty and black women in Hollywood. Read the transcript here.

Friday Funday Links-The Valentine’s Day Edition



In a flirting mood? Get some inspiration with these 52 hilarious activist pickup lines

Check out these 5 great sex blogs that highlight diversity in sexuality

Watch a short film about a world where gender roles are reversed and a man goes through the day experiencing the level of harassment women typically experience.

Finally! Stock photos that accurately reflect contemporary female work experiences. Getty Images collaborated with to create over 2,500 photos featuring female leadership.

The Minnesota State Legislature recently unveiled the Women’s Economic Security Act of 2014, which is designed “to break down barriers to economic progress facing women – and all Minnesotans.”

What could women really use on Valentine’s Day? Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has some ideas…

A helpful guide on how to get free birth control under Obamacare

Some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and fight the patriarchy at the same time 

And happy National Condom Week too!

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Friday Funday Links


6 reasons female nudity can be powerful: how Lena Dunham and other women are using their bodies to break the status quo

If you haven’t seen it already, read this powerful open letter from Dylan Farrow about her abuser Woody Allen (trigger warning). Unfortunately, however, Nicolas Kristof’s introduction to the article is another example of rape culture at work.

A Yale Law Professor argues for a new definition of rape that includes sex-by-deception.

A ‘spinster’ photographer poses with a mannequin family to depict the American Dream

A bar in Spokane, Washington created a drink called “Date Grape Koolaid.” And what’s worse, their horrifically offensive responses to complaints on their facebook page are an extreme example of the very rape culture they deny exists.

“In defense of twitter feminism”: a great analysis of how gentrification, race, and feminist discourse play out on the Internet

Black Girl Dangerous creator Mia McKenzie shows you 4 ways to not just to acknowledge your privilege, but instead to actively push back against it.

Need new underwear? Think about investing in some “consent panties”!

Friday Funday Links


Have you seen the movie “Frozen”? Read how it broke the mold in how Disney flicks treat female characters

Check out this inclusive feminist chapbook series edited by alumni of George Mason University’s MFA Program

If you’re in Minnesota, consider attending this upcoming conference on domestic violence prevention by Cornerstone MN

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, it’s time we started paying attention to the shockingly low wages for NFL cheerleaders

The Monosexual Privilege Checklist—discussing the privilege of being gay or straight rather than bi or anything in between

Equality doesn’t need to be earned, it needs to be recognized: a Jewish perspective (note—many of the terms and examples in this article are specific to Judaism, but we think the idea of making equality an inherent part of our value system is universal!)

A great idea for reading to kids and especially young girls: undermine the patriarchy by switching pronouns in popular children’s books

“It happened to me”: read two great articles (here and here) written by black women in response to a thin white woman’s presumptuous article about her feelings seeing a heavyset black woman in her yoga class

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Friday Funday Links


Street harassment getting you down? Check out these 23 cats to help you respond to cat calls.

Because we can’t stay away from talking about Beyoncé…She published an essay on gender equality! On the flip side, a British internet radio station censored Jay Z’s rap in “Drunk in Love” because they feel it promotes violence against women.

In her newest video, Sarah Silverman meets Jesus Christ and discusses new attempts by the Right to restrict legislate women’s health. She also promotes Lady Parts Justice and their “V to Shining V” national pride day for women.

Wednesday marked the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Check out 13 charts that explain how the case changed abortion rights.

American Eagle’s new lingerie marketing campaign features un-retouched photographs and models with diverse bra sizes. But we still have a long way to go in accurately portraying what “real” women look like.

Miss Representation is planning a new documentary focusing on masculinity! We can’t wait.

“It’s the year of the bush”—a new movement is emerging to reclaim women’s body hair

A great analysis of NFL cornerback Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with sports broadcaster Erin Andrews and how public response to how black men and white women interact is extremely problematic.

We are outraged: Garage Magazine posted an editorial of its white editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova sitting on a “Black Woman” chair

“Wendy Davis has always highlighted her story, not because it is unique but because it isn’t”: When the Right attacks Wendy Davis’s bio, they are attacking any woman who has ever been told her struggle wasn’t valid enough.

Did you read our collective piece on vibrators and feel empowered to buy your own? Make sure your sex toys are safe and toxin-free! Yet another reason to shop at Smitten Kitten

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Friday Funday Links



A great article in Cosmo Magazine (we know…we’re shocked too!) about 13 things NOT to say to your lesbian friend

The Female Face of Poverty: 50 years after the War on Poverty began, millions of women are still struggling to get by.

The 9:30 Club—a popular music venue in D.C.–featured a letter about street harassment on their “Ye Olde Mailbox” website. The venue will also be hosting a concert to support a great non-profit organization, Girls Rock! DC, on January 25.

Watch CeCe McDonald getting released from prison!! She was greeted by a group of supporters including actress Laverne Cox.

A man suffering from clinical depression has a message for men who think it’s not manly to share their feelings.

Check out this awesome response to body shaming from Gabourey Sidibe

What does “White Feminism” mean?

An artist goes to great lengths to reflect a woman’s role in this world

Crunk Feminist Collective breaks down Juicy J and his sexist “respectability politics” that shame working class black women.

Abortion rights threatened again…Anti-choice protesters are trying to challenge the constitutionality of Planned Parenthood’s buffer zone to protect abortion patients entering and leaving clinics.

*TRIGGER WARNING Daisy Coleman—the teenage victim of a highly publicized rape case in Maryville, Missouri—bravely shares the truth of what happened to her and how it has affected her life since. Last week, Daisy Coleman’s rapist was sentenced to only two years probation.


Friday Funday Links


Our comic pick of the week: a series focused on domestic violence against women

In response to cat calling and public transit discussions, what do you think of this “honk if you love feminism” shirt?

The Bechdel Test, which rates movies on their portrayal of women, may also be a good indicator of box office performance

In the last two years, more state restrictions on abortion were enacted than in the entire previous decade.

Sex positivity, sex work, and the need to discuss both within feminism

Know that famous “kissing sailor” photo from V-J Day in 1945? It wasn’t consensual. So why do media sources continue to call the kiss whimsical and timeless?

The real TV trend of 2013? The rise of the strong female character

Fairfax County, VA (one of the oldest counties in the U.S.) has its first female sheriff in its 271 year history!

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