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Friday Funday Links


Street harassment getting you down? Check out these 23 cats to help you respond to cat calls.

Because we can’t stay away from talking about Beyoncé…She published an essay on gender equality! On the flip side, a British internet radio station censored Jay Z’s rap in “Drunk in Love” because they feel it promotes violence against women.

In her newest video, Sarah Silverman meets Jesus Christ and discusses new attempts by the Right to restrict legislate women’s health. She also promotes Lady Parts Justice and their “V to Shining V” national pride day for women.

Wednesday marked the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Check out 13 charts that explain how the case changed abortion rights.

American Eagle’s new lingerie marketing campaign features un-retouched photographs and models with diverse bra sizes. But we still have a long way to go in accurately portraying what “real” women look like.

Miss Representation is planning a new documentary focusing on masculinity! We can’t wait.

“It’s the year of the bush”—a new movement is emerging to reclaim women’s body hair

A great analysis of NFL cornerback Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with sports broadcaster Erin Andrews and how public response to how black men and white women interact is extremely problematic.

We are outraged: Garage Magazine posted an editorial of its white editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova sitting on a “Black Woman” chair

“Wendy Davis has always highlighted her story, not because it is unique but because it isn’t”: When the Right attacks Wendy Davis’s bio, they are attacking any woman who has ever been told her struggle wasn’t valid enough.

Did you read our collective piece on vibrators and feel empowered to buy your own? Make sure your sex toys are safe and toxin-free! Yet another reason to shop at Smitten Kitten

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Friday Funday Links–The Beyonce Edition

The release of Beyoncé’s surprise album reignited tension between black and white feminists over what makes a woman a feminist. Many of the articles featured in this version of FFL are in response to such critiques.

Double standards: why we can’t have black feminist pop icons

5 reasons Beyoncé is an awesome feminist

The top 5 feminist moments of Beyoncé’s new album

“On Defending Beyoncé: Black Feminists, White Feminists, and the Line In the Sand”: an analysis from Black Girl Dangerous

Unbelievable: a “homeless awareness” campaign that explicitly objectifies women. Intersectionality people!?

“I hold the universe inside of me”: our pick for feminist comic of the week

More drama at Occidental College: “men’s rights” group submits phony rape reports

The debate on Miley Cyrus’s cultural appropriation continues: members of Miley’s twerk team speak out

Pussy Riot band members freed from Russian prison!

*TRIGGER WARNING Past sexual assault accusations against R. Kelly resurface. This is a hard read but a reminder that we must continue to defend those whose voices are pushed to the side, often the voices of young girls of color. Also: the Twitter hashtag #AskRKelly backfires

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