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Friday Funday Links


Have you seen the movie “Frozen”? Read how it broke the mold in how Disney flicks treat female characters

Check out this inclusive feminist chapbook series edited by alumni of George Mason University’s MFA Program

If you’re in Minnesota, consider attending this upcoming conference on domestic violence prevention by Cornerstone MN

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, it’s time we started paying attention to the shockingly low wages for NFL cheerleaders

The Monosexual Privilege Checklist—discussing the privilege of being gay or straight rather than bi or anything in between

Equality doesn’t need to be earned, it needs to be recognized: a Jewish perspective (note—many of the terms and examples in this article are specific to Judaism, but we think the idea of making equality an inherent part of our value system is universal!)

A great idea for reading to kids and especially young girls: undermine the patriarchy by switching pronouns in popular children’s books

“It happened to me”: read two great articles (here and here) written by black women in response to a thin white woman’s presumptuous article about her feelings seeing a heavyset black woman in her yoga class

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