Rhetoric is one of the most effective ways in which the disempowerment of women is perpetuated. In particular, phrases linked to femininity that are intended to be insulting are damaging. This video by the Always campaign captures this phenomenon perfectly.



Redefining Hero: Cheree

Cheree O’Shields is a registered nurse who works at Kateri Residence, a program of St. Stephen’s Human Services that serves Native American women and children. She has worked as a nurse and advocate for homeless youth in the Twin Cities since 2005. She is currently working on her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Public Health Nursing and Adolescent Health at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing.

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Julia Serano on femininity

At her talk on the Stanford campus tonight, Oakland writer Serano told us that “true equality won’t come until boys start embracing girl stuff, too.” “Femininity is dangerous; male pride isn’t pride, but a fear of being feminine.” As a person who hated showing my legs or wearing dresses throughout most of high school, I appreciate Serano’s words. Accepting the social stigmas attached to femininity, whatever the gender of the feminine person, only furthers the sexual objectification of women.

Written by Magdalena Kaluza

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